Fuel level sensors Strela


Fuel level sensors Strela

Fuel level sensors Strela are intended for use in vehicles and petrol, oil, lubricants (POL) depots in systems that measure and control amount of POL: petrol, diesel fuel, winter diesel fuel and oil.
Fuel level sensor Strela measures fuel level and forms a signal, proportional to the level of fuel in tank.
FLS Strela can be used with different GPS-monitoring devices, for example Ruptela, Teltonika, Galileo etc.

Standard interfaces: analog (0-5 or 0-10V), frequency (500-1500 Hz.), RS232, RS485 (Modbus, Omnicomm).

Main advantages:
• possibility of sensors calibration of any type including analog and frequency;
• electric isolation of head sensor from the tank;
• protection against polarity reversal, short circuit of the output to the ground (in some devices short circuit of the output to plus );
• availability of devices used for sensor linking to the staff vehicle dashboard;
• availability of FLS’s summators used for data processing in multitank systems;
• length up to 4000 mm, possibility of cutting to any length, availability of sectional sensors;
• adjustable range from 1023 to 4096 points per sensor length (RS232 and RS485 sensors);
• possibility to calibrate RS232 and RS485 sensors (level-volume) allows to get a volume sensor;
• possibility to use thermal compensation and codes of self diagnostics.

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