Voltage output (0-5V or 0-10V)

STRELA A (5V or 10V)

Fuel level sensor "STRELA" with voltage output is used for connection to devices having an voltage input <10V (STRELA with output 0-5V) or 10V> (STRELA with output 0-10V).

The sensors can be used in tanks of cars, tractors and other machinery which nominal on-board network voltage is 12 or 24V.

Whereas if nominal on-board voltage of  is 12V on such vehicles can be used only sensors STRELA with 0-5V output  (or the special version 0-7V can be ordered).

Usage of STRELA sensors with 0-10 V output voltage on vehicles with 12V on-board voltage is not recommended.


   STRELA 0-5V  STRELA 0-10V
 Fuel volume 0%, V  0* 0*
 Fuel volume 100%, V  about 5* about 10*
 Supply voltage, V  10-30 10-30
 Maximum load curent, mA  100 100
 Precision of level measurements, % from length  ±0.1 ±0.1
 Limits of additional conventional error, % **  no more as 1.0 no more as 1.0
 Self-testing codes  yes  yes
 Operational temperature ,°С  -40 - +65 -40 - +65
 Mean time to failure  no less as 12500 hr no less as 12500 hr
 Ingress protection rating  IP66  IP66
 Consumed power, W  <0.2 <0.2
 Overall dimensions, mm  L x 70 x 70 L x 70 x 70
 Continuous work time  not limited not limited

*Is correct for sensors, which are calibrated (recommend) after reducing of length, without calibration is acceptable reducing of length no more as to 50% of initial length, in such case the output value range min and max shifts.

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